Feel the extreme adventure at Canopy River Puerto Vallarta

Feel the extreme adventure at Canopy River Puerto Vallarta

Gloria Gutiérrez
August 19 2014

“The greatest experience” is the phrase that best describes the Canopy River Expedition . If experience is understood as a derivative of having truly lived, believe me this is living life at 100%; it is feeling truly alive in every sense of the word, all in connection with nature.

The expedition began with a warm welcome from the team, who kindly provided us the basic instructions for experiencing the journey. Once we were ready, we got on the first zip line. That is where you begin to feel your heart jumping into your throat, but even beating heart is eclipsed by the majestic landscape, nearly 120 meters high in the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains. It is one of the sensations closest to flying, like swinging from one mountain vine to another. That is how this phenomenal experience begins. Feeling part of nature and more alive than ever is completely inevitable.

Once you start breathing again, there are more zip lines alternated by hikes in the rainforest and hanging bridges, leading up to the free fall rappel where you will feel your heartbeat spike again. Let out the rope to descend and control the speed of your fall. It is a very rewarding experience to step back onto solid ground and say, “I did it!”

And when you think the fun’s about over, it’s time for an extreme zip line into the Cuale River. It is very refreshing after so much activity to feel the cool waters and hear the rushing river, going down the river on inflatable rafts and ending up with a pleasant mule ride back to the starting point.

If you want to live the greatest experience, the Canopy River adventure is the place to do it; adventure is waiting for you. I am anxiously awaiting the chance to do it all over again.