Art Walk in Puerto Vallarta

Art Walk in Puerto Vallarta

Anahí Gazga
December 9 2013

Puerto Vallarta, as is widely known, has a variety of activities to enjoy, from hiking, outdoor adventures and entertainment at nightclubs, to pleasant strolls along the Malecón or the Rio Cuale Island, or perhaps a visit to the Botanical Gardens.

But if what you lean towards is some international art and culture, "ArtWalk" is ideal for you. This is a tour of Puerto Vallarta’s historic downtown through the 10 most prominent and beautiful art galleries of the city, strategically selected to be accessible and pleasantly traveled.

These galleries display works of recognized firms with exceptional paintings and sculptures, fine ceramics, blown glass and many other artistic expressions of Mexico.

During the tour you will have the opportunity to make the most of unparalleled artistic expressions, which are made with a fine eye to details and quality, which will invite you to take them home to keep hold of these items of art and culture.

The interesting thing about these exhibitions is they don’t maintain a single conceptual line, but wager on all sorts of displays, so much so that in them you can find the evolution of Mexican handicrafts, indigenous techniques, realism, contemporary expressions, antique jewelry, ceramics by great teachers, fine textiles, urban style, and more.

ArtWalk can be enjoyed every Wednesday of every year from October to May from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., although some galleries stay open the rest of the year.

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