Espacio de Arte Arrayán presents oil paintings of Roberto Gil de Montes

Espacio de Arte Arrayán presents oil paintings of Roberto Gil de Montes

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
November 5 2013

The new ESPACIO DE ARTE ARRAYÁN, has been created in Puerto Vallarta within El Arrayán Restaurant for the cultural delight of locals and visitors alike.

From this coming Wednesday, November 6th, The Oils paintings made by Maestro Roberto Gil de Montes will be displayed on their walls. He is originally from Guadalajara, a place where the murals of Orozco and Day of the Dead celebration had a major influence on his art. In 1958 Gil De Montes, wanted to be a songwriter, but his decision and career changed when he saw a documentary about sculptor Henry Moore. It was at that moment that he decided to become a Plastic Artist. This Wednesday November 13th, will be the official opening of this wonderful exhibition and for this new art gallery in Puerto Vallarta ESPACIO DE ARTE ARRAYÁN. Mexican appetizers and wine will be served.

Gil de Montes is a graduate of the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles , California and for 25 years was represented by Jan Baum Gallery, his works have been exhibited in prestigious Hispanic Art Exhibition of the United States of America , with which thirty painters and sculptors  toured the US and Le Démon des Anges that toured Europe. His work is included in the Art Museum of Los Angeles County, the Phoenix Museum, the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, currently lives in La Peñita de Jaltemba, Nayarit, Place that has been a source of inspiration for the paintings that we will be able to appreciate in Espacio de Arte Arrayán and soon will be exhibited in the Gallery of Lora Schlesinger located in Los Angeles, CA.

Espacio de Arte Arrayán it is located within El Arrayán  Restaurant on Calle Allende # 344 , just 4 blocks from the Malecon.