IV International Encounter of Poets and Art “Letras en la Mar” in Puerto Vallarta

IV International Encounter of Poets and Art “Letras en la Mar” in Puerto Vallarta

Gloria Gutiérrez
May 7 2014

“Poetry is essential for life,

A top-tiered need.

I rest assured, and insist on it with young people,

Which can help them resign themselves,

To enjoy, to fall deeply in love…”

Hugo Gutiérrez Vega

Puerto Vallarta will turn into the headquarters for words and poetry at the IV International Encounter of Poets and Art known as “Letras en la Mar” (Letters in the Sea), which will draw the general public towards the seduction of poetry, as well as music concerts, art exhibitions, and cultural activities.

This year's program consists of three recitals, a tribute and delivery of the Letters in the Sea Award to poet Emilio Coco, interactive reading among children and poets, as well as graduates from Puerto Vallarta, a Film Cycle in tribute to great poets of the world, a poetic moonlight reading at the ocean’s edge, an exhibition of visual art, a poetry workshop with poet Bernard Pozier from Québec, a presentation of the book “Voices and Landscapes” by the master Hugo Gutiérrez Vega, as well as the presentation of the Letters in the Sea magazine, and for the closure, a sea symphony, poetry set to seven musical voices to close this great event.

The encounter is a way to recover one of the most valuable cultural traditions of a bygone Mexico, with recitals and actions en masse that allow the reuniting of people and the poetic word, linking it to the essence and image of the host country: Mexico. Cooperating with the preservation of poetry, its dissemination and interpretation through an interactive showing, with the participation of poets from different countries. Uniting the world with its poetry and its various manifestations.

Poets and people unite so that the word shines, plus it gives another nuance to the destination, visitors find something different than sun and sand; the other effect is that Vallartans will be proud to witness these events that lead to sensitivity.

Experiencing language brings the word back to us.