Manuel Lepe legacy to Puerto Vallarta

Manuel Lepe legacy to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
September 30 2013

Puerto Vallarta and Mexico are known for the quality of its beaches and a variety of canopy tours, water sports and other activities. For those seeking an ecological holiday, adventure, or just a quiet week of rest at the beach, Puerto Vallarta is the best option, it will not disappoint you. What many visitors still don't know is that Vallarta and Mexico are recognized internationally as a mecca of art and culture.

Puerto Vallarta was catapulted into the international scene during the shooting of the acclaimed John Huston film, "The Night of the Iguana". Queen Elizabeth II caused a flurry of international media when she arrived in Vallarta during the 1960's. The queen; now the longest monarch in British history, sparked an interest in local art when it bought Los Pescadores, an elaborate painting by renowned artist Manuel Lepe (1936-1984 ).

He was an epic painter, often compared with the Russian Marc Chagall. His paintings depict scenes of innocence and unprecedented natural beauty. Lepe has been responsible for feeding the appetite of international artists to Puerto Vallarta. His legacy continues until today. He was recently honored with the presentation of a mural at the Naval Historical Museum of Puerto Vallarta, with a replica of his masterpiece, Los Pescadores (The Fishermen), 26 years after his death.

The rich and colorful tradition of Lepe art is still alive in his paintings and murals, visible all over the city, especially at City Hall in the heart of the Historic Center, where two stunning murals of his cityscapes are shown.

Currently, major international artists such as Martha Gilbert, Rogelio Diaz and Angeline Kyba, find inspiration for their majestic works in colorful sunsets, the rich heritage and unique characters that have made Puerto Vallarta a unique destination in Mexico.