Mexican Independence Day celebration

Mexican Independence Day celebration

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
September 18 2013

One of the most anticipated celebrations of the year in Puerto Vallarta is the Mexican Independence Day festivities occurring annually on September 15th. And this year’s party did not disappoint.

Local families, friends, expats and tourists all flocked to the famous Puerto Vallarta Malecon to stroll and take in the atmosphere in the late afternoon and the feeling of pride and celebration was almost electric. The air was thick with the sounds of mariachi music playing everywhere and vendors did brick business selling delicious Mexican street foods like roasted corn, tacos and tamales.

Spirits were high and both tourists and residents were waving Mexican flags and proudly wearing the national colors of red, green and white. Children were running and playing wearing traditional Mexican costumes, turning the Malecon into a bright burst of color.

Just before 11pm the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta, took to the balcony of City Hall as people gathered in the city’s main square, Plaza de Armas, to lead the crowd into the country’s Cry of Independence, known as El Grito de Dolores, and sound of hundreds of voices cheering “Viva Mexico” reverberated through the streets before the crowd proudly and loudly sang the Mexican National Anthem.

To appropriately close the colorful night, a spectacular fireworks display burst over the waters of Banderas Bay and the crowd stood side by side, fathers holding their children, friends with arms around shoulders, tourists holding hands, with their heads turned up to the bright lights bursting above and felt their hearts fill with all of the beauty and joy of Mexico.