Office of Cultural Projects

Office of Cultural Projects

Gloria Gutiérrez
July 28 2014

Located on the corner of Juarez and Aldama Streets in Downtown Puerto Vallarta, the Office of Cultural Projects opened a few days ago, a space that will serve as a museum to house works by various authors with the aim of disseminating and sharing artistic knowledge of the Vallarta community and the world. 

Thanks to the participation of many donors who placed their bets on culture in Puerto Vallarta, as well as the efforts of its founders Pilar Perez, Cecilia Padrón Quijano, Fernando Sánchez, Oscar Moran, Marcus Kuiland-Nazario and Heidi Padilla, who joined forces to accomplish this goal.

The Office of Cultural Projects gave birth to its first exhibition by Davis Birks, who named it Paradise in Progress, also featuring the teamwork of Luis Echeverría, Edson Gómez, Raúl Henderson, Jr., Mary Koruga, Yair Lopez, Arturo Montero, Oscar Moran, Ana Olivera and Jorge Ramirez. The work is about Puerto Vallarta, an introspective look at what this paradise means, consisting of tourists, locals, foreigners who are locals and Mexicans who are tourists, a historical archive of the families who live here, an analysis of the past and present of Puerto Vallarta, to open dialogue between its art and the public that has visited through the transformation the city has undergone. To feel it you must live it, and it is still willing and opening its heart at the Office of Cultural Projects. 

The recovery of the property that houses the OCP is a fact worth mentioning. On one hand it is a piece of property that had been abandoned but knew how to preserve its Vallartan essence, and those involved joined this architectural project without really changing the structure, instead using it to advantage, to give life to a really attractive space that lies somewhere between old and contemporary, available to house the culture of our Puerto Vallarta.

The birth and development of these spaces for our city is a true delight, blending and interacting with its environment and its people. Its doors are open, hoping we will visit and share ours hearts so that the culture that belongs to all of us will constantly keep changing and growing. Thank you, Office of Cultural Projects.