Puerto Vallarta's Cultural side

Puerto Vallarta's Cultural side

Haydé Escalante
August 7 2014

Puerto Vallarta has stories to tell that take you on a journey through time. If you find yourself vacationing here you’ll soon see that part of the beauty of the area is being able to explore the local culture and observe how it is interlaced with the wonders of the natural surroundings. To really get a feel for the cultural side of Puerto Vallarta, try to include one or more of the following activities in your plans. 

Learn about the roots of this magical destination

This city of Puerto Vallarta is filled with tradition, with pre-colonial origins that can be seen in the culture of the Huichol people who live in the Sierra Madre Occidental. The Huichols preserved the purity of their customs even after the Spanish conquest. Don’t miss the opportunity to go to one of their villages and chat with Huichol artisans as they create their colorful artwork. 

Get to know the artists of the region

The Old Town Art Walk is a yearly event organized during Puerto Vallarta’s high season. From October to May, numerous art galleries invite tourists and locals alike to free exhibits with cocktails; it’s a friendly approach to the region’s beautiful and unique forms of art. The Art Walk is held every Wednesday night from 6-10 pm. 

The participating galleries are located in Old Town Puerto Vallarta, so you can also enjoy excellent sight-seeing along the way. 

Live Mexico: Fandango

The musical Fandango is an excellent way to understand contemporary Mexico. This melodic voyage shows a modern perspective of the country’s traditions through dance, folk music and mariachi. For more information visit Fandango’s website. 

Rio Cuale Arts Center 

This center for the arts is one of Vallarta’s hidden gems. Here you’ll find art exhibits, classes, workshops and more. It is located on the upper part of the Cuale River. Check for special events and activities; the center is open to the local community and international visitors. 

Puerto Vallarta has many cultural experiences to enjoy, and each can truly enhance your time in this special part of the world. It’s well worth your time to take a break from the beach to get to know a different side of this beautiful destination.