Puerto Vallarta's International Convention Center

Puerto Vallarta's International Convention Center

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
March 26 2013
We all know that Puerto Vallarta, with its beautiful beaches, wide array of activities and tours, and world class hotels, resorts and restaurants, is a vacation paradise. But business travelers are also flocking to Vallarta in part due to the city’s modern convention center.

Excellent flight connectivity, a centrally located airport, transportation options and a huge inventory of hotel rooms at various price points all make Puerto Vallarta a good choice for business and group travelers. But convention planners have been particularly impressed with Vallarta since the completion of the Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center in 2009.

Some of the features of the Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center include:

  • Meeting spaces for groups of 15 to 5,000 people
  • Conference rooms
  • Exhibit halls
  • Wifi
  • Food and beverage services for up to 1,500 people simultaneously
  • Parking for 50 buses and 645 vehicles
  • Outdoor plaza
  • Business center
  • Cafeteria
  • Press room
  • Translation booths
  • Medical service
  • Full air conditioning
  • Closed TV circuit
  • PA system
  • Backup electrical generators

The Convention Center has been host to many major national and international events in Puerto Vallarta including the Mexico Tourism Expo and the World Economic Forum on Latin America, and it continues to be a major factor in why Puerto Vallarta is growing as an important business and conference destination.

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