Eating oysters in Puerto Vallarta

Eating oysters in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
March 3 2014

Puerto Vallarta is famous for its seafood, not surprisingly considering that Vallarta was founded as a small fishing village and to this day remains one of the most desirable locations for sport fishing.

But it’s not all about the fish. Puerto Vallarta also has an abundance of one of the most delicious delicacies in the world: The oyster.

You can find oysters at many of the fine seafood restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, served in a variety of ways from on the half shell to Oysters Rockefeller, we recommend you to eat them fresh out of the ocean from vendors on Los Muertos beach

The oysters are caught right out of Banderas Bay by divers, then brought up to the beach where they are shucked and arranged into plates of twelve which can be purchased from wandering vendors for around 10 dollars.

The most common way to eat oysters in Puerto Vallarta is with a splash of hot sauce and a twist of lime while sitting on the beach and enjoying a beer.  What a delicious way to spend an afternoon in Vallarta.

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