Enjoy Ceviche in Puerto Vallarta

Enjoy Ceviche in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
June 1 2014

Puerto Vallarta is known as a culinary capital of Mexico due to the vast array of fresh foods that are grown and produced here.

And of course, the waters of Banderas Bay provide our region with wonderful fish and shellfish including shrimp, tuna, octopus, snapper, marlin and mahi mahi.

One of the freshest, easiest and most delicious ways to prepare all that great seafood is by making ceviche.

Ceviche is made by chopping fresh seafood and “cooking” it in lime juice, then adding salt and chili peppers. Depending on the chef, cilantro, onion and avocado may also be added and generally ceviche will be served on top of tortillas.

There are great places all over Puerto Vallarta where you can enjoy ceviche. It is a menu staple for any Vallarta seafood or beachfront restaurant, including La Palapa, Mango Beach Club, 8 Tostadas, Mariscos Tinos, etc.

Or fishing charters, like Vallarta Sportsman, will make ceviche from your catch aboard the boat for the freshest meal you’ve probably ever eaten. Or you can visit any supermarket in Puerto Vallarta and try making this simple dish at home and enjoying it with a cold beer and a Vallarta sunset from your patio.

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