Vallarta Food Tours Uncovers the Undiscovered: Pitillal

Vallarta Food Tours Uncovers the Undiscovered: Pitillal

Vallarta Food Tours
December 12 2013

Puerto VallartaVallarta Food Tours debuts an original, one-of-a-kind Pitillal food tasting and historical experience. Vallarta Food Tours (VFT) has crafted the unexpectedly eye-opening and expectation-exceeding Taste of Pitillal Tour.  In this tour, Vallarta Food Tours uncovers life in a typical Mexican town. Celebrating the food and culture of vibrant, colorful Pitillal, VFT’s guided walking tours explore Mexico’s sophisticated flavors and vast spectrum of regional cooking styles in a town untouched by tourism.  The focus is on family-owned businesses where true artistry is paramount and things are still made by hand.  The Taste of Pitillal Food and Cultural Tour allows guests to experience the life as a local – strolling the streets and beautiful square while learning about the history and sights of Pitillal, Vallarta’s most undiscovered food destination.

Co-owner Lindsay Prime’s commitment to increasing exposure to Mexico’s authentic, local eateries is evident in VFT’s well-thought out tour stops.  “People often ask about Pitillal, but are at a loss of where to begin.”  Lindsay enthusiastically says, “We did the homework for you. We found all the best foods Pitillal has to offer. Even better, all dishes are served with a side of history and culture!” 

VFT’s Taste of Pitillal tour (pronounced “pee-tee-yall), visits nine authentic tasting locations in the quintessentially Mexican Pitillal community, including:

·  Carnitas tacos, still made fresh each morning by Neto himself

·  Churros, a Mexican favorite snack, hot off the press

·  What a Mexican Charro must always use

·  Tamales from Pitillal’s most famous tamal making family, delicious atole made from scratch

·  What is a “pitillal”

Taste of Pitillal Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour is ideal for Puerto Vallarta residents and travelers eager to discover the culinary secrets and authentic traditions of this extraordinary, off the beaten path neighborhood. Whether vacationing in Puerto Vallarta for the first time or a proud Vallarta resident, VFT guarantees guests will walk away with a greater understanding of this hidden cultural gem!

Vallarta Food Tours offers unique food and cultural walking tours. Suitable for all fitness levels. Tours are offered throughout the year Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:30am. For more info visit: , by phone at 1 888 457 2210 from the USA or Canada, or 322 181 7196 .