Cipactli Reptilarium Puerto Vallarta

Cipactli Reptilarium Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
February 9 2013

There are many groups and organizations in the Banderas Bay that dedicate their efforts to the conservation of the turtles, but the Cipactli Reptilarium is one of the few institutions that focus in the preservation of the crocodiles.

This reptilarium is located inside the Centro Universitario de la Costa (CUC) and is a little ecologic reserve dedicated to the study of different reptiles, mammals and birds, but with special focus on crocodiles. It has an extension of .32 hectares with 9 aquaterrariums: 2 for mature crocodiles, 2 for young crocodiles, 4 for baby crocodiles and 1 for turtles from different species.

This reptilarium is also known for teaching firefighters and civil protection departments how to handle big reptiles.

Although the Cipactli Reptilarium operates under donations in its majority, as a celebration of their thirteen anniversary they change their biggest crocodile to a bigger aquaterrarium with the company of a female.

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