20 Adorable pictures of pets enjoying Puerto Vallarta

20 Adorable pictures of pets enjoying Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
August 26 2015

These adorable friends also enjoy of Puerto Vallarta and with these images we know more than one will make you smile and run to the beach with your pet.

1- Enjoying a family walk on the boardwalk.

Disfrutando un paseo familiar en el Malecn

Photo by Male Gringo in flickr.

2- Sun bathing on the beach.

Tomando el sol en la playa

Photo by @chasing_vistas on Instagram

3- Getting along with the local friends.

Conociendo a los amigos locales

Photo by @chasing_vistas on Instagram.

4- Relaxing on the beach.

Relajndose en la playa

Photo by Marcia Portess (marciaportess) on flickr.

5- Riding along the boardwalk and the bridge of the Rio Cuale.

Paseando por el malecn y el puente del Ro Cuale

Photo by Phoenix (phoenixdanske) on flickr.

6- Enjoying the view, sand and beach.

Disfrutando de la vista la arena y el mar

Photo by Danny Casillas (dannycasillas) on flickr.

7- Playing with coconuts on the beach.

Photo by Jeffrey Owen on flickr.

8- Watching the beautiful sunset.

Photo by Michelle Knight on flickr.

9- Laying down with you on the sand.

Acompandote recostado en la arena

Photo by janeymoffat on flickr.

10- Running along the beach.

Corriendo por la playa

Photo by Brent Cromley (brentlyjr) on flickr.

11- Adorable chihuahua resting outside a store.

adorables chihuahuas

Photo by .deeneg  (d-wee-z) on flickr.

12- Sunbathing and watching the grand view of the Bay.

Photo by ellen shaylor (pics-ell) on flickr.

13- Making new friends.

Photo by Free 2 Be (freedom-to-move) on flickr.

14- Enjoying the clown show on the boardwalk.

Photo by Inga Clemens (inga) on flickr.

15- Discovering the city icons.

Photo by Phoenix (phoenixdanske) on flickr.

16- Stress free on the beach.

 Photo by chris_chilton on Instagram.

17-  Enjoying dreamy sunsets.

Photo by maya.lagos on Instagram.

18- Not only there is fun on the beach... In rivers too!.

Photo by Soyan Cruz on Instagram.

19- This is life!

Photo by @danielabal on Instagram.

20- Hey don’t go! I want to be your friend. :)

Photo by Soyan Cruz on Instagram.

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