Artistic diversity in Puerto Vallarta''s Malecon

Artistic diversity in Puerto Vallarta''s Malecon

November 4 2011

Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon is an excellent public space for all of its residents, not only for the spectacular natural setting but also for the diverse range of art, culture and recreation that is found daily on the walkway.

Over the years painters, cartoonists, sand sculptors, stone balancers and various performance artists have become a main attraction in Puerto Vallarta, unique to the Malecon.

Hundreds of visitors and residents of the city spend afternoons and evenings strolling and enjoying the exhibitions that provide a colorful addition to the newly renovated Malecon

But it’s not by happenstance.  The Municipal Government, headed by Gonzalez Resendiz, has held many meetings with involved artists to organize and establish guidelines for locations and schedules to avoid an excess of performances and to maintain the image of the Malecon.

For example, painters and cartoonists have established schedules which alternate their locations daily between the Malecon, the Plaza de Armas, the Lazaro Cardenas Plaza and the Marina Malecon giving each artist an opportunity to work in each area.

Sand sculptors take turns in pairs and also alternate every two weeks.  Under the same system, performance artists such as “The Sandmen”, “The Robot” and stone balancers as well as cotton candy and balloon vendors are limited to two per day.

This system brings better organization to those who long been a part of the folklore and appeal of the Malecon, providing equal opportunity for success and above all, creating an extraordinary atmosphere for both visitors and locals to enjoy.

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