Dolphin adventure in Puerto Vallarta

Dolphin adventure in Puerto Vallarta

January 6 2012

If you''ve always wanted to have your own personal dolphin adventure, Puerto Vallarta is the right place to do it!

Not only is there a dolphin park located just outside the city, but there is also a great water park on site with 10 amazing water slides and river rafting. The highlight of your day, of course, will be swimming with the bottlenose dolphins, some of nature''s most amazing creatures.

Aquaventuras Park has several different dolphin excursions you can choose from: the Dolphin Royal Swim ($129 USD – no time length information provided), Dolphin Swim Adventure ($99 USD – 45 minutes), and Dolphin Encounter ($69 USD – 45 minutes).

With the premier Dolphin Royal Swim, the dolphins will give you a “handshake,” kisses, pull you through the water as you hold on to their dorsal fins, and push your feet up to the water''s surface so you feel like you''re walking on water. With the Dolphin Swim Adventure, you''ll get a handshake, kiss, and a ride on their bellies. The most affordable Dolphin Encounter gives you a dolphin handshake, and you can pet the dolphins—they will also “sing” and “dance” for you.

The Aquaventuras Park dolphin prices do include free admission to the water park as well. So, keep in mind that the dolphinarium is open daily, the water park is only open Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Reservations are required to swim with the dolphins. You can check the Aquaventuras Park bilingual website for driving directions, map, to make your reservations, and for special discounts and promotions.

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