Experience Downtown Vallarta and the charm of its hotels

Experience Downtown Vallarta and the charm of its hotels

Fernanda Orozco
November 30 2015

When you come to this extraordinary place, Puerto Vallarta,  a wide range of lodging options are available. To truly experience the enchantment of the city and explore its nooks and crannies, learn about the traditions, and feel the essence of this destination, you must visit and stay in Historic Downtown, or at the very least, near it.

The sun and the delightful weather, the spectacular ocean and mountain views, the magnificent sunsets, all are part of our city; but the heart of it, Historic Downtown, is where you can truly experience the culture, the art, the architecture and above all, the warmth of its people, which combined, present a unique experience to the traveler, and will become a story or anecdote to share upon returning home. After all, that’s what is all about, creating memories and moments which will draw you to return to Puerto Vallarta.

Many of the hotels downtown began as guest houses. In the mid 1960’s, Puerto Vallarta became internationally known thanks to the movie “The Night of the Iguana”, which brought Hollywood stars like Ava Gardner and Sue Lyon. The new romance of Richard Burton and Liz Taylor, who was not in the movie, brought the press here. Rumor has it, she came to guard what she considered hers… the rest is history. These guest houses and hotels grew as tourists came from all over the world.

Each downtown hotel has a different story to tell and a background so interesting that, truth be told, one wants to hear more and more about them. Many are managed by their owners, others, have received them as inheritance and have kept the legacy and essence of Mexico, each having its own style. Quality and service exceed expectations and there is a wide range of rates to fit every pocketbook

The passion the owners all have for their place shows. They are involved in every aspect and it’s a pleasure to see how their attention to detail gives each guest a little piece of Vallarta to take home with them.

Explore, experience and stay Downtown.

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