Garza Blanca Beach

Garza Blanca Beach

Javier Machain, OCV Staf
August 19 2011

Being one of the many beaches Puerto Vallarta has to offer its visitors, Garza Blanca is located just 10 minutes away from downtown, in Vallarta’s South end, going towards Mismaloya

Going to the Garza Blanca beach is easy;  you can take the bus, parting every 15 minutes, from the Basilio Badillo and Constitución crossway. Or you can drive there taking the road to Mismaloya. This beach has a spacious entryway, enabling you to take all your beach goodies.

Puerto Vallarta beaches are open to the public in general.  However, there are certain rules that you need to follow in order to maintain the beaches clean and safe for everyone.

Garza Blanca Beach offers a quaint and cozy space surrounded by vegetation, crystalline water and fine white sand.  Giving you the necessary elements to enjoy that well-deserved break and an ideal space for the kids to have fun.

We ask you to respect the destination’s wildlife; specially turtle nests, that are very common on Puerto Vallarta’s beaches.

Garza Blanca Beach has the following rules:

  • Camping is prohibited
  • The use of motor boats is prohibited
  • Do not enter the beach with glass containers
  • Fishing is prohibited
  • Do not leave trash behind you
  • Removal of coral, fish and beach sand is prohibited

Garza Blanca Beach features lifeguards on the property, along with a defined safety zone marked by buoys. There aren’t any nearby stores, so have snacks and beverages at hand.

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