Green iguanas in Puerto Vallarta

Green iguanas in Puerto Vallarta

Paul Deveraux
November 5 2011

For all those looking for a getaway from reality and are trying to relax surrounded by nature, Puerto Vallarta holds an endless variety of colorful butterflies, the most luscious tropical flora, herons, pelicans, lizards and naturally the green iguanas.

The iguanas in Puerto Vallarta have found the perfect location due to all the nature surrounding. The iguanas can be seen along streams and rivers. Some of you may notice that the green iguanas love to pose on the branches of trees sunbathing for hours. You can also catch these reptiles as they feed themselves with fruits, flowers, seeds and leaves from the bushes.

If the iguanas feel threatened, they can climb up their way to the highest possible branch, run away and even get in the water. If there is something to be said about these creatures, is their remarkable speed, both on the ground and in the water.

Some of their habitats include cactuses, bushes and burrows. In the old days, they could be seen at the beaches , but they have moved into different areas of Puerto Vallarta where they can still sunbath, but have you wonder why do they do this?, well, that’s an easy response, they will absorb the sun for as long as they can so they can regulate their bodies temperature.

It is important to keep in mind that whenever an iguana feels threatened or has the perception of imminent danger, they use their long tail as a weapon, but they can also bite or scratch their enemies. However, there is no particular reason to worry; iguanas in general, are pretty much harmless for human beings.

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