Grilled fish in Puerto Vallarta

Grilled fish in Puerto Vallarta

July 15 2011

Pescado Zarandeado (Grilled Fish) is one of the many gastronomic choices Puerto Vallarta has to offer when you’re in town. This specialty is sure to leave a good taste in your mouth and asking for more.

“Zarandear” is verb implying vigorous shake. The main ingredient for this ingenious dish is of course, the fish, red snapper to be specific. Red snapper is a thin, oval-shaped fish that can measure up to 95 centimeters in length and weigh up to 8 kilos.

The special red sauce used to cover the fish is made up of top secret ingredients, usually passed down from generation to generation. The next step is to place the aluminum wrapped fish over the grill. Generally coupled with white rice and tortillas, pescado zarandeado is an ideal dish to share with the whole family. Whether you choose to eat it with a fork or in a self-made taco, this traditional Vallarta dish is super scrumptious!

One of the most renowned places to enjoy this dish is at Boca de Tomates Beach, where you can find dozens of palapa restaurants and seating directly on the beach.

If you’re closer to downtown, swing by Mariscos Tino’s, located right at the beginning of the malecon.

Originated in Mexcaltitlán (Nayarit), Vallarta chefs have given this dish their own particular flavor.


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