Marigalante: more than a boat, a legend in Vallarta

Marigalante: more than a boat, a legend in Vallarta

July 23 2011

Morning and evening, Marigalante navigates the blue Puerto Vallarta waters; pirate stories, laughter, and the open bar are sure to keep you entertained throughout this 6-hour unique experience.

Better know as the pirate boat, Marigalante is a galleon replica of the Santa María, one of Christopher Columbus’ ships when first ‘discovering’ America. Made out of over 30 distinct types of tropical woods, you'll feel like saying "Argh!" as soon as you set foot aboard.

Book a morning tour and discover the wonder of nature at Majahuitas Beach where you can snorkel, kayak, take a ride on the banana boat or soak up the sun. Breakfast and lunch are provided on board. Great fun for the whole family!

Or if you prefer an evening adventure, feast on the delicious dinner including your choice of: Surf n' Turf, Chicken Parmesan and Fish fillet accompanied by wine. Your adventure includes a fascinating Pre-Hispanic fire ritual. Top off the most enjoyable night of your visit to Puerto Vallarta under a shower of fireworks during the thrilling pirate show.


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