Puerto Vallarta, a destination for ex-pats to call home Part I

Puerto Vallarta, a destination for ex-pats to call home Part I

April 23 2012

Puerto Vallarta is a hugely popular destination for Americans, Canadians and other foreigners to relocate and call home. A wonderful climate, spectacular natural surroundings, a safe environment, access to excellent medical care and exciting business possibilities all are important factors that draw ex-pats to Vallarta.

One of the most common questions asked by those considering making the move to Puerto Vallarta, is what the true cost of living in Mexico is. This, of course, is a complicated question to answer and greatly depends on the standard of living and level of comfort that are required by individuals.

A single person willing to live on a cautious budget, can make their home in Puerto Vallarta for as little as $700 USD per month by using cost-cutting measures such as taking advantage of city transit, avoiding using air-conditioners in their home and eating a traditional Mexican diet including fresh, locally grown products.

For those looking for a higher level of comfort, the sky is the limit in Puerto Vallarta. Luxury homes and condominiums can be had in the Banderas Bay region for a fraction of the cost in other parts of North America.

Gourmet restaurants are plentiful in Vallarta and diners can enjoy spectacular meals for much less than they are accustomed to paying other cities. And services such as gardening, housekeeping and laundry and offered at very reasonable prices.

Ask any ex-pat living in Puerto Vallarta and they will all confirm the level of safety and security in the city. Many people who have moved here from American or Canadian cities report that they actually feel safer in Puerto Vallarta than in many cities in their own country.

And medical and dental care in Puerto Vallarta is of a very high quality with extremely reasonable prices compared to what Americans, in particular, are accustomed to paying for health care. There are a variety of private hospitals, medical practices and dental offices in Vallarta that offer state-of-the-art technology, medical professionals trained to the highest standard and services offered in English.

Please watch for an upcoming article about the amazing, tropical lifestyle that Puerto Vallarta offers to its ex-pat community and residents.

To be continued in Second Part .

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