Puerto Vallarta, a destination for ex-pats to call home Part II

Puerto Vallarta, a destination for ex-pats to call home Part II

April 30 2012

Enjoying a vacation in a tropical location is very different than actually moving and making a holiday destination like Puerto Vallarta your new home. But for the ex-pat community in Puerto Vallarta, the lifestyle advantages of living in Mexico makes moving away from home worthwhile.

Vallarta is blessed with a beautiful climate year-round and beach activities, outdoor sports, strolls along the Malecon and dining al fresco are all popular ways to spend the day for those living in Vallarta. Scuba diving, sport fishing, golfing and tennis are all popular recreational activities within the ex-pat community in Puerto Vallarta.

Making social connections in new city is always important and Vallarta has several social groups that operate in town.  Of note are the Ex-pats of Puerto Vallarta, a group that caters primarily to those who have retirement homes in Puerto Vallarta, and the Young Professionals Organization of Puerto Vallarta, or YPO, a group that brings together foreign and national professionals within the Banderas Bay area for social and professional networking.

The business climate is friendly for foreigners living in Puerto Vallarta, and having secured an FM2 of FM3 residency visa, ex-pats are free to work in Mexico.  Many ex-pats work in real estate, the hospitality or tour industry, sales or as entrepreneurs.   And foreigners can also work in the same industry as they did in their home country, i.e. health care, graphic or web design.

For most ex-pats living in Puerto Vallarta, the warmth of the city and its people are reason enough to live here.  But when the cost of living, available services, excellent health care and business opportunities are factored in, Puerto Vallarta can certainly be considered one of the best places in the world for ex-pats to call home.  In fact, the most difficult problem facing most ex-pats in Puerto Vallarta, is scheduling all their visitors from home who want to experience the Vallarta lifestyle for themselves.

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