Puerto Vallarta: International Cuisine Destination

Puerto Vallarta: International Cuisine Destination

July 29 2011

After basking on the sunny beaches, shopping and going out on fun excursions, you’re sure to get hungry; and what better place to delight your palate than the International culinary destination that is Puerto Vallarta.

Vallarta’s restaurants offer a vast array of culinary styles; from traditional Mexican dishes to modern international proposals. Most popular restaurants are located downtown but some of scattered all along the coast. We recommend the following:

Café des Artistes: Features a wine list of over 400 brands and specializes on pleasing even the most demanding palates.

Café Maximilian: European ambiance, serving traditional Austrian dishes and Mexican Fine Dining. Features a list of special coffees, Austrian pastries and an assortment of ice creams.

El Andariego: A great choice for authentic Mexican food. Fine cuts of meat, fish and seafood offered daily. Decorated with 4 colorful murals and live mariachi, making your lunch or dinner outing a well-rounded experience.

La Leche: An off the wall restaurant featuring modern fine dining, breaking all the rules. Forget about times courses; here, flavor, creativity, platting and a seamless blending of ingredients reign. It’s considered to be one of Vallarta’s most important gastronomic icons.

Le Kliff:  Located on the edge of a cliff, it is one of Vallarta’s most beautiful and consequently, recognizable restaurants. Delicious Asian and Tropical cuisine are accompanied by panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

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