Puerto Vallarta Renovations Los Muertos Pier

Puerto Vallarta Renovations Los Muertos Pier

Jorge Chavez
September 5 2011

The 18 million pesos project is one of many renovations being made to Puerto Vallarta, and the Romantic Zone in particular.

Public response to the news isn’t entirely positive. “This pier is important because with the exception of taking off from the Boca de Tomatlán; it is the departure point to all southern coastal villages”, said long-time resident Jenny Orr Perez. “Also, it’s the ‘people’s pier’. Any time of day or night you will find young and old fishing here.”

Local fisherman, Don Gilberto Flores had a different perspective, noting that the pilings on the pier are old, making a renovation necessary.

Puerto Vallarta’s Municipal Tourism Director, Jose Luis Diaz Borioli reported that an investment of 76 million pesos will go towards “a re-birth of the historic center of Puerto Vallarta.” Among this collection of projects is the Los Muertos beach pier.

The Old Town renewal projects are part of a major initiative to improve Puerto Vallarta’s image and infrastructure in 2011 and will affect several areas of the city

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