Puerto Vallarta's Zoo

Puerto Vallarta's Zoo

July 7 2011

Looking for something different to do? A visit to Puerto Vallarta’s Zoo is a wholesome adventure the entire family can experience. Located just 35 minutes south of downtown, this wild animal park offers its visitors the opportunity of being that tad bit closer to mother nature.

Located in Mismaloya, spread across 5 acres of hillside land, more than 100 different species of reptiles, mammals and birds, the Puerto Vallarta Zoo receives nearly 3,000 visitors per week since its opening 6 years ago.

During your tour, you’ll get to see regional animals like the black Agouti, Coyote, Jaguar, Raccoon, Honey Bear, Puma, Paca, and Scarlet Macaws; Fauna from elsewhere include the African Lion, Leopard, Llama, Camels, Zebras, Bengal Tiger, Squirrel Monkeys, Deer, and Black bear (some of which are endangered species).

Since many of the wildlife species aren’t caged, but rather confined in open enclosures, the Zoo offers its visitants the opportunity of being in direct contact with some of the animals, some even being fed by hand.

Prior arrangements are required if you’d be interested in a guided tour, providing more detailed information regarding the area’s flora and fauna.

Puerto Vallarta’s Zoo is planning on expanding by 2018 to an additional 59 acres, making the total space an extensive 64 acres. Plans for an aquarium, a cableway, amusement park, on-ground cabins and the implementation of bicycle and walkways are already in the works.


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