Talpa de Allende, a silver mining town just outside of Puerto Vallarta

Talpa de Allende, a silver mining town just outside of Puerto Vallarta

December 9 2011

Talpa de Allende is a silver mining town just outside of Puerto Vallarta. The town was founded by the Spanish in 1599. It has 13,000 residents and is located at 4,000 feet elevation.

Not only is Talpa beautifully situated in the pine-covered mountains of the Sierra Madres, but the town itself is picturesque and quaint.

While drawing visitors interested in the town''s silver, Talpa is also known for its unique Chilte tree creations. Ever wonder where the Spanish word “chiclet” (gum) comes from? The Chilte tree produces a non-sweet gum that Talpa artisans use to create memorable keepsakes. You can even buy hats and sandals made from this gum. Plus, you''ll definitely want to visit Talpa's museum of Chilte tree craftworks. The time-honored art of working with the Chilte tree is unique to Talpa, so don''t miss it!

Talpa de Allende also draws religious tourists to pay homage to the Virgin Rosario de Talpa, a statue that local legend says has special healing powers. People generally come to visit the Virgin Rosario de Talpa five times a year:
a) Fiesta de la Candelaria (January 25 to February 2)
b) Fiesta de San Jose (March 10 to 19)
c) The anniversary of Rosario de Talpa's coronation (May 10 to 12)
d) The anniversary of the statue's renovation (September 10)
e) Fiesta de la Virgen del Rosario (October 7)

You'll find great accommodations in Talpa, like hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, gift shops, and an internet cafe. You can also rent horses and explore the surrounding mountain areas.

Regardless of how you choose to acquaint yourself with Talpa de Allende, it is a memorable place to visit while you are visiting the Puerto Vallarta area.

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