Tattoos in Puerto Vallarta

Tattoos in Puerto Vallarta

January 12 2013

Once only the domain of sailors and inmates, tattoos are now mainstream and body art has never been more popular or accepted. If you’re looking for ink in Puerto Vallarta, there are some excellent tattoo shops open in the city.

Sixty Nine Tattoo has been open in Puerto Vallarta since 1995 and is located in the downtown core of the city at #281 Juarez Street. Besides offering thousands of artistic and innovative designs, Sixty Nine Tattoo is dedicated to having the strictest levels of cleanliness and hygiene available and is certified by State of Jalisco.

Aztlan Tattoo, located at #1193 Avenue Mexico in the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood, was opened in 2008 by a Canadian and Mexican couple. They specialize in custom ink and also offer body piercing in their shop, which is also certified by the State of Jalisco for cleanliness.

Studio Tattoo has two locations in Puerto Vallarta, in the Romantic Zone at #347 Constitucion and in the Hotel Zone in Plaza Villas Vallarta next to Gold’s Gym. They offer custom designed tattoos, bodypiercing and body painting services by talented local artists from Mexico and have service in English and Spanish.

Not ready for the lifelong commitment of a tattoo but love the look? Head down to any of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta where you’ll find vendors selling temporary henna tattoos in a huge array of designs for a low-cost, short term option.

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