The Chopería in Puerto Vallarta

The Chopería in Puerto Vallarta

November 11 2011

The Chopería in Puerto Vallarta is a restaurant / gallery, under the concept Modelo Chope, which has been developed by Modelo Group exclusively for Mexico and specializes in Ale and Pilsner draft beer types.

The concept Modelo Chope consists in serving a draft beer with the exact same alcohol level, elements and basic ingredients just like the beer in a bottle. Its pasteurization process is unique and different resulting in fresh beer with a genuine taste, ensuring all its natural characteristics are still there. Unlike bottled beer, draft beer does not involve a full pasteurization method in its bottle process, giving it uncanny characteristics in its looks and extraordinary taste.

This restaurant features a photography gallery about one of the raw materials involved in the production of the beer, as well as historical images from Modelo Group that was originally founded back in 1925.

Chope comes from the Alsatian word “schoppe”, that means “a pint of fresh beer”. This is where the idea for the name came from, for this restaurant in Vallarta.

So a Frozen Modelo Chope and a delicious meal (a selection of salads like the chicken breast and critics salad, seafood soup, friend tortilla with ceviche, octopus and shrimps on top; turnovers with crab and “guajillo” chili cream, and other flavors; tacos of grilled shrimp, marlin, freshwater crab or beef; specialties such as filet of fish anyway you want it prepared and the chicken and beef fajitas with cheese) La Chopería de Vallarta is waiting for your visit.

La Chopería , can easily accommodate over 100 people, their facilities have six 52 inches screens, one giant screen, air conditioned and free parking lot at the Krystal hotel; everything to bring you a wonderful experience so you can relax, share with a good time with your friends and have fun.  

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