The Fountain of Friendship in Puerto Vallarta

The Fountain of Friendship in Puerto Vallarta

November 18 2011

Puerto Vallarta is well known for its highly artistic activities among the pristine coastal cities in Mexico, some remarkable examples can be appreciated through the outdoors museum exhibiting the sculptures along the Malecon.

These extraordinary art manifestations are expressed by a large community of artists formed by permanent residents or visitors who have found the right forum in this picturesque town to share their work, this includes writers, craftsmen, painters and sculptors exhibiting their work on the streets, galleries and at the Malecon of Puerto Vallarta.

The Fountain of Friendship sits right in the north from Los Arcos del Malecon, a gift from Santa Barbara City, in California. This is a replica from the one in that city, which is remarkably similar to Puerto Vallarta in terms of topography and a dense forest that descends to the Pacific.

The Californian sculptor James “Bud” Bottoms created the Fountain of Friendship to represent the two cities and the genuine friendship that brought them together. The Fountain is represented by three dolphins, one of them overlooking the city, another one to the sea and the third one toward the sky.

A legend from the Chumash Indians from California says that when some of them were shipwrecked, the dolphins saved them from drowning.

Picture the immensity of the ocean as a framing background to admire The Fountain of Friendship and take the best souvenir photo. The Malecon of Vallarta is a must for every visitor and even more so for those who appreciate art.

Reaching the last of its remodeling phase, the Malecon is looking better than ever: not only featuring more disabled friendly areas, which include ramps and larger spaces in the right places with a flat surface as well as wider edges around the planters to sit down, relax and enjoy the show.

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