The Puerto Vallarta crocodile sanctuary

The Puerto Vallarta crocodile sanctuary

January 2 2012

The Puerto Vallarta crocodile sanctuary is definitely an out of the ordinary stop for anyone. The Cipactli Crocodile Research Program is a fun and informative stop, especially considering that crocodiles are native to this region.

The sale of crocodile skin wallets, boots, and belts almost put the Mexican crocodiles into extinction, crocodile sanctuaries were set up all throughout Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta''s crocodile sanctuary is the Cipactli Crocodile Research Program, managed by the Universidad de la Costa, an offshoot of the University of Guadalajara. “Cipactli” is the Aztec word for crocodile.

The Cipactli Crocodile Research Program''s hands-on project allows you even to touch the crocs—including babies—and other reptiles at the sanctuary (wild pigs, turtles, coatimundi, etc). You will also see how the adult crocs are fed by the sanctuary staff. The crocodiles eat fish, red meat, and birds. Crocs in the wild generally eat only once a week. Like a snake, crocodiles swallow their food whole, without chewing. Their razor-sharp teeth are only for killing their prey with disabling bites.

You''ll learn all of this and more, plus all about Cipactli''s many amazing conservation programs, on a tour of the crocodile sanctuary. Your tour also includes a Professional Naturalist guide, who will explain all about crocodiles from mating to natural habitat and neat factoids about these impressive cold-blooded reptiles. The tour also includes refreshments and snacks. Definitely wear bug spray, sturdy shoes, and outdoor clothes. The tour is $45 USD.

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