Travel from Puerto Vallarta to San Sebastian del Oeste

Travel from Puerto Vallarta to San Sebastian del Oeste

July 11 2011

Are you planning a considerably long stay in Puerto Vallarta? Seen enough beaches? Tired of the nightlife?Then you can’t miss out on the opportunity of experiencing San Sebastian del Oeste.

At just a 90-minute drive away, San Sebastian del Oeste is a quaint, picturesque town with plenty of character. When first entering this small town, you are welcomed by the central plaza, and beautiful church, resembling that of colonial times; behind the enormous aged doors, you’ll find a number of establishments serving food and refreshments in hacienda-style homes. Don’t forget to try the region’s drink of choice: Raicilla. You can also pay a visit to the local distillery, where you can learn how it’s made and participate in a tasting test.

Walking through the enchanting town, you’re sure to come across the organic coffee factory dating back to the XX Century. Here you’ll learn the nature of these grains and follow its elaboration process.

Hungry? Step into one of the restaurants serving up the local cuisine: Quesadillas, Gorditas (Thick corn fried tortilla filled with black refried beans and toped with fresh cheese and homemade salsa), Chile con Carne, Carne Asada, and the best handmade tortillas you’ve ever had.

Once night falls, sit back and enjoy a delicious café de olla (cinnamon-infused coffee). Don’t forget travel with a light sweater or sweatshirt if planning a trip in Winter.

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