Visit el Salado Estuary

Visit el Salado Estuary

October 14 2011

An estuary is a partly enclosed coastal body of water, where salinity is significantly reduced due to the rivers and streams flowing into it. The “El Salado” estuary has contributed to the welfare of our destination as a source of drinking water and home to many species.

It is located in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta and is considered an urban estuary, as it is completely surrounded by the urban sprawl of the port. It is connected to the ocean by a permanent mouth, which was modified during the sixties and eighties to form what is now the dock port and the yacht marina. Geographically it is located between parallels 20° 39’ 21" and 20° 41’ 37" north latitude and meridians 105° 13’ 34" and 105° 15’ 51" west longitude.

According to the Management Plan of El Salado Estuary, published in the Official Journal of the State of Jalisco, four different types of vegetation have been identified: deciduous forest, mangrove forest and both aquatic and underwater vegetation. The mangrove is the dominant vegetation type in the region, covering 125.6 hectares.

Studies carried out in the area have identified more than 100 species of birds, grouped in 23 families of both terrestrial and aquatic habitats. Studies show that the presence and abundance of these species varies throughout the year. In addition, there are 29 amphibian species and reptiles, 10 species of mammals and a variety of fish and invertebrates typical of mangrove areas.

Its greatest water contributions occur during the rainy season (June to November), mainly by the flow of streams into it. Its connection to the ocean is permanent through a channel of about 20m wide, 3m deep and 2km long.

The estuary is strongly protected by the population and the authorities.

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