Exploring the Marietas Islands

Exploring the Marietas Islands

Anahí Gazga
December 9 2013

Have you ever been invited to the Marietas Islands on Vallarta Adventures ? I hope your response is in the affirmative. If so, then you will understand me when I say that the tour is much more than expected. But let me tell you a little about my own experience.

It was a perfect day. The clock read 8:15 a.m., the climate was warm, as is characteristic of Puerto Vallarta, and the sun, more radiant than ever, was shining for a nice boat ride with the expert eco-guides.

Once on board, the adventure began! Slowly the city began to shrink behind the boat while I was enjoying an unforgettable view of the bay, watching the mountains, the thin morning mist, the buildings, the extensive beaches and boats all around.

I dare to say that during the ride I was waiting to see the humpback whales. They say that if you are lucky you can get to watch them make their spectacular jumps and perform their mating rituals. We kept traveling towards the deep waters of the Pacific, directly toward the islands.

A perfect combination to the lovely morning was the delicious coffee and cream cheese-filled pastry I ate, just a couple of the large variety of items offered at the buffet. I confess it was a very pleasant morning breakfast aboard Vallarta Adventure’s boat number 5. 

A little later as all the tourists were enjoying the sun, I was preparing my cameras for a good photo shoot, because we were nearly there. 

The island surprised us with its volcanic rock. It is a refuge for over 90 aquatic and sub-aquatic species, as well as migratory birds. You could easily make out the fish swimming through the crystal clear waters, and I was excited to snorkel among them.

As I dove under the water, I realized that the experience would go beyond a simple tour; to swim among the fish, admire the coral, to see the sunlight penetrating the clear water, is a unique and unforgettable experience.

The beach was another surprising factor of the tour, as it is full of caves and amazing scenery surrounded by wildlife and nature.

Upon returning to the boat, a large buffet was awaiting us. Included among the delicacies were ceviche, salads, paninis, fruit, cold cuts, among other things--just what you need after physical activity. There were additional onboard activities, such as taking out a kayak, venturing out on the paddle board, or simply stretching out and enjoying the sun as a family.

Heading back made me a little sentimental, as it was time to leave the seemingly-perfect paradise. The six hours of the tour had just flown. I was getting ready to return home to talk about my experience, and when I thought it was almost over…

About 100 meters away, the tail of a whale broke through the surface…it was amazing!! Just when I thought that it was ending, the tour continued to surprise us. Then a group of dolphins surrounded the vessel, and since they are such playful animals, they could not fail to appear in this story.

For all these reasons and many more I’m telling you that the tour of the Marietas Islands is much more than what you expect. The next time someone invites you on this tour, or any other, for that matter, don’t miss the chance to take a little piece of paradise home with you in your memory.