Puerto Vallarta: a Pacific treasure

Puerto Vallarta: a Pacific treasure

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
July 2 2014

Although Puerto Vallarta now has a modern infrastructure it has somehow retained its unique old Mexico charm.

Don' be surprised if while strolling the cobblestone streets of our beautiful tourist destination you see someone riding horseback down the road transporting goods, as it's still a common sight in Puerto Vallarta.

We recommend a visit to the Rio Cuale area where you'll find plenty of crafts that are made by local indigenous people using materials found from the Banderas Bay region.

It's our very location on Banderas Bay (the second largest natural harbor in North America with over 42 miles of shoreline), that makes Puerto Vallarta ideal for beach activities, from the incredible whale watching during the winter season to extreme sports like parasailing, surfing, kayaking, diving, snorkeling and boogie boarding.

Our destination also has many restaurants that have been recognized worldwide for their delicious cuisine, and you can enjoy a wide array of foods from yummy typical Mexican dishes to the most extravagant gourmet fare in Puerto Vallarta.

The Malecon, the heart of entertainment in Vallarta, is unmatched. Public concerts, plays, art walks, dances, street performers and much more can be found as you walk along this beautiful and recently renovated seaside stroll.

The Malecón, since 1936, has been the most important historical monument for our residents and visitors so do not miss it while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

And we can't forget the iconic Los Muertos Beach, which is always buzzing and full of activities and is a must-see destination in Vallarta.

Did someone say drinks? Be sure to try the delicious tuba made from palm sap (sounds strange but its delicious!) that you can find in almost any part of the downtown. If you want something a little stronger, local tequila is the best option and a cold beer is always refreshing.