Puerto Vallarta's Sunsets

Puerto Vallarta's Sunsets

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
July 4 2014

It’s difficult not to get swept away by the romance of Puerto Vallarta. Cobblestone streets, serenades by Mariachis, terraces dripping bright bougainvillea, and long walks on warm beaches with the Pacific Ocean lapping at your feet all help create a romantic glow to the city. 

But perhaps the most spectacular and romantic event in Puerto Vallarta happens once a day and is free to the public: The sunset over the waters of Banderas Bay.

Banderas Bay is one of the largest bays in the Pacific Ocean, almost 300 square miles, allowing for a gorgeous, unobstructed view of the slowly sinking sun. Furthermore, the ocean waters reflect the blazing oranges and reds of the sunset, creating almost a mirror effect that is truly spectacular.

The span of the Banderas Bay vista also sometimes allows for an unusual phenomenon to occur during the sunset in Puerto Vallarta: The green flash. A green flash is the occurrence of a visible green spot for a moment or two just above the sun that resembles a green ray shooting up from the point of the sunset.

Whether you choose to enjoy it from one of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta , from the patio of one of the many restaurants in Vallarta offering wonderful views of Banderas Bay, or just from the balcony of your hotel room, be sure to schedule at least one evening to sit and enjoy the sunset while you’re on vacation.

Photo Credit: GaryrBeach.