The Hotel Zone in Puerto Vallarta

The Hotel Zone in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
July 12 2014

Los Muertos Beach is probably the most famous beach in Puerto Vallarta but there are many beaches in the tourist center of the city including the beautiful sandy stretch in the Vallarta Hotel Zone.

The Hotel Zone beach, which is actually 5 interconnected beaches, can be accessed by a public access road directly beside the Grand Venetian on Francisco Medina Avenue. The access road was recently upgraded by the City of Puerto Vallarta and now includes ample parking, a decorative walkway and benches.

The beach itself is much less busy than other beaches in Puerto Vallarta and while it doesn’t have the selection of beach clubs and restaurants like Los Muertos beach, it is the perfect place to bring a couple of beach chairs, an umbrella and a cooler of drinks and snacks. Or you can wait for vendors to come by and make a delicious lunch of grilled chicken or shrimp, cut fruit and vegetables spices with chilies and lime, fresh oysters on the half shelf, pastries, ice cream, salty snacks and candies from the sweets vendor.

There are many activities available on the Hotel Zone beach including parasailing, jet skis and banana boat rides or just enjoying a swim and a stroll along the soft sand enjoying the fantastic Puerto Vallarta sunshine.

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