Tips to enjoy your Spring Break Vacations in Puerto Vallarta

Tips to enjoy your Spring Break Vacations in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
February 15 2014

It’s coming!  The biggest party week of the year in Puerto Vallarta.

Here are a few tips to help you stay safe, have fun and get the most out of your Spring Break vacation in Puerto Vallarta:

• Reserve ahead: There is never a better time to plan ahead than during Spring Break. Take the time to make reservations for the restaurants and tours that most interest you ahead of time to avoid “sold out” disappointment.

• Hydrate... And then hydrate some more: Playing on the beach all day, dancing at the club all night and downing alcoholic beverages the whole way along is a sure-fire way to suffer from some severe dehydration. Try to get in a big glass of water once an hour to stay looking and feeling your best.

• Look down: Sidewalks in Mexico tend to go up and down and cobblestone streets are tricky to navigate at the best of times, so when you’re club-hopping pay special attention to where you’re walking to avoid a nasty fall.

• Ask the expert: Use the concierge at your Puerto Vallarta resort or hotel to recommend and reserve tours, restaurants and help with navigating around the city.

And, of course, keep safety in mind, especially when drinking. Puerto Vallarta is an extremely safe destination but as in any city in the world, reckless behavior can have unfortunate consequences. So party hard but party smart!

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