Vallarta Extreme Gotcha

Vallarta Extreme Gotcha

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
February 12 2013

Are you paintball fan? Did you know that there’s an extreme paintball course just 3 minutes away from the Puerto Vallarta Hotel Zone

Opened in 2009 and completely locally owned, Vallarta Extreme Gotcha is a paintball course located on Avenue Francisco Villa, a major avenue close to the Puerto Vallarta Hotel Zone. The course is set back from the road in a forested area, which provides perfect cover for paintball.

Vallarta Extreme Gotcha has a decidedly military feel with participants getting “briefed” on game play and rules before strapping on their camouflage vests and heading out to the course where there are many “hides” including tires, wood walls, oil cans and more.

The game is overseen by referees to ensure that players are respecting the game and playing safely. Prices start at $150 pesos for 100 paintballs. Vallarta Extreme Gotcha is also the perfect place for an extreme birthday party and they offer a package that includes paintballs, equipment for 10 players and unlimited C02 gas for firing, tables and chairs for 20 people and a BBQ area.

So, if you’re travelling with a group and want to try out a fun activity to get your adrenaline pumping when you’re in Puerto Vallarta, give Vallarta Extreme Gotcha a try.

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