Puerto Vallarta reveals a new image

Puerto Vallarta reveals a new image

October 22 2011

It’s been some time since Puerto Vallarta started on a renovation process in some tourist zones of great relevance, mainly in the downtown area, as well as the North and South hotel zones, and different areas of the city in general, have undergone some remarkable changes.

The development of a tourist destination such as Vallarta, can hardly ever stop, it is possible to keep certain aspects current, giving a very unique character to this heavenly place; however, the change in the urban landscape is something that has been constantly growing in the search for more and new benefits for the entire town, even though this has not been an easy process, due to all the disturbances that it has brought on certain part of the population.

The malecón of Puerto Vallarta is considered one of the most important areas of our destination, is also the venue for a great number of business, has definitely been part of these changes, in the near future (after six months of hard work) it will be reopened completely, little by little, the public has been able to access the areas that have been completed, however, they estimate that it will be entirely finished by November 15th.

This tourist attraction of the city was rebuilt entirely, so for those have have not visited us during the last six months will be greatly surprised when they discover its new facade in just a few more days.

Just as these changes are taking place in the malecon area, there are other sections like the Vallarta Lighthouse (located on Galeana Street), Mina Street, Rodolfo Gómez Street,  Rio CualeMarket and Los Muertos Pier are all in the same remodeling process, although some of them are completely finished by now.

Recently, the North and South hotel zones of the city have been enhanced by great buildings changing the entire impression, blending the rustic with the modern styles. The urban area of Pto Vallarta has also been part of all these changes, just slightly slower than the rest, but being consistent with the same tone for development which practically has made an effect on the entire town a few years ago. 

For some people, these changes are difficult to accept. At the end of the day, we are the ones who make this community and being agreeable with this development in Puerto Vallarta will make us stronger as a destination.

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