Las Caletas: a piece of paradise, to be found only in Puerto Vallarta.

Las Caletas: a piece of paradise, to be found only in Puerto Vallarta.

Fernanda Orozco
December 3 2015

Imagine paradise, a place where the beauty of the beach and the coolness of the jungle interweave simultaneously, resulting in a scene far exceeding your expectations.

Located in a place so exclusive, you can only arrive by sea, Las Caletas, is a private place surrounded by crystal clear waters. Here, you can either relax outdoors in a hammock all day, or, if you are more adventuresome, enjoy water sports communing with nature.

Movie director John Huston, in the 70’s, turned Las Caletas into his private haven, remaining for close to 20 years, to get away from the Hollywood frenzy of the time. The cabins where he lived on this private tropical paradise were very simple and rustic, providing the tranquility he always sought.

Las Caletas provides contrasting offerings during the day and at night. During the day, it’s a great place for relaxing, sunbathing or enjoying a facial or massage at their Spa at the top of the hill. You might also choose kayaking, diving and/or snorkeling. Cooking classes are another possibility. Children, too, will enjoy an endless number of activities. The night tour, Rhythms of the Night, provides a dramatic change of ambiance. You arrive by catamaran for a complete experience, including dinner and an extraordinary performance under the stars at their amphitheater, a magical and mystical journey through time.

These fabulous Las Caletas tour options can be taken from either Puerto Vallarta or Nuevo Vallarta, exclusively through Vallarta Adventures.

Experience Puerto Vallarta and allow yourself to be surprised by the treasures that nature and the Mexican Pacific have to offer.