Leaving All Cares Behind at Las Gemelas Beach

Leaving All Cares Behind at Las Gemelas Beach

Marén Römisch
September 22 2014

Unobtrusive and just 15 minutes away from the Malecón, there is a beautiful little beach called Las Gemelas. People who speak Spanish may wonder, and justifiably so, about the name: Las Gemelas means The Twins, and there are, in fact, two little beaches that lay side by side and look very similar. I went there this weekend and just have to share my discovery with you.

Getting there is quite simple, even for a person like me who has no good sense of direction. Downtown Puerto Vallarta consists of different zones, and I took a bus at Zona Romántica that said “Mismaloya”. It travels south of Puerto Vallarta, and along the way I have seen many beautiful beaches like the famous Conchas Chinas and Punta Negra. This day, however, I decided to visit the smaller twin beaches, and I immediately fell in love. It is less crowded than the other beaches I have seen so far, and the water and sand are very clean. An attentive life guard ensures safety, which is an important issue for me, since I am quite a poor swimmer.

Speaking of swimming, I just loved it. With an outdoor temperature of 33ºC, the water was totally refreshing at approx. 20-25ºC. My experience with the sea in Germany is that you can stay in the water for a maximum of 20 minutes and come back freezing and with chattering teeth. At Las Gemelas, I was able to swim and relax in the sea without feeling cold or uncomfortable. Drifting in the sea, gazing at the mountains and the coast of Puerto Vallarta, I felt like I was in an outdoor spa. Really awesome experience! I also enjoyed the number one favourite tourist activity at the beach: just lying down, lazing about, doing nothing but tanning in the sun. When it got too hot, I would just jump in the water. After this day, I felt like the most relaxed human on earth.

There are also some people selling stuff at the beach. Even if you don’t feel the urge to buy a watch, you should nevertheless try some of the delicious food. Mostly there is a broad variety of fresh fruits, mussels, roasted fish and other little snacks that are highly recommended. As far as I am concerned, go with something I tried that day--a Mexican dish called Ceviche. It is served on a tostada (a fried tortilla) and comes with a mix of fish and vegetables such as carrots, cilantro and avocado. As a topping, I added some lime juice and a traditional salsa. The result is a simple but incredibly tasty Mexican meal.

Maybe I awakened your appetite by showing a picture I shot that day. After this weekend, I am even more eager to get to know all the aspects of this gorgeous little town called Puerto Vallarta. I will keep you posted!

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of  the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board.