Cruise ships are coming back to Puerto Vallarta

Cruise ships are coming back to Puerto Vallarta

October 6 2011

After a long absence from our tourist destination, cruise ships will resume their visits to Vallarta, which will certainly promise a good start of the season in the field of maritime tourism.

In summer, several cruise ship companies cancelled their trips to Mexico, and tourism activities in destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and los Cabos were badly affected by this decision.

Good news begin with the return of the Princess cruise ship to Vallarta and Mazatlan next year, while Disney World continues its weekly visit to our port and promising to continue for at least one more year. The Holland-America Line is coming to Vallarta next month and up to 2013. However, Carnival is still hesitating and arrives very sporadically to Ensenada and has only announced stops in Manzanillo and los Cabos as of next month.

The community and businesses depending on these arrivals are surely happy to know that tourism related activities will be more abundant as of next month.

Some of these decisions were most probably due to a strong campaign, where $30 million USD were used to promote tourism.

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