"El Sabor de Vallarta" by Nacho Cadena

"El Sabor de Vallarta" by Nacho Cadena

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
January 13 2014

Local chef and cultural ambassador Nacho Cadena will promote Puerto Vallarta in a new TV documentary to be broadcast on Mexico’s Channel 7, a subsidiary of the state of Jalisco’s Radio and Television System. Titled “El Sabor de Vallarta” (The Flavor of Vallarta) the show will be recorded in High Definition in hopes for international broadcast. Nacho Cadena emphasized that he will promote Puerto Vallarta through its cuisine and its people.

Program: El Sabor de Vallarta

Host: Chef Nacho Cadena

Channel: C7 (Channel 13 Open TV)

Day: Monday 2:30 PM

Repetition: Saturday 7:00 PM