Estampas de México in Puerto Vallarta

Estampas de México in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
January 15 2015

This Thursday, January 15th, Puerto Vallarta will celebrate the event “Estampas de México” to mark the inauguration of the “Casa Mascota”, a new common space of culture and rapprochement between the municipalities Mascota and Puerto Vallarta.

This event is a joint effort of the department for culture of the city council Mascota, the neighbor and tenants association of the Colonia 5 de Diciembre, the civil association of Yerbabuena, the owners union of urban properties and the integrated citizens from Polígono of the Historic Center Development of Puerto Vallarta.

“Casa Mascota” will be one more contact point between the sister communities in the mountains and the coast: Mascota and Puerto Vallarta, where the inhabitants of Vallarta as well as national and international visitors can appreciate art, craftsmanship and products from Mascota.

This event will include the interpretation of artists from Mascota in the field of dance, painting, poetry and music.

5:30 PM Walk from Hotel Paloma del Mar to Hotel Buenaventura, continuing to Parque Hidalgo.

6:00 PM "Puro Jalisco" Mariachi Band

6:30 PM Lasso Show by the Ibarria Family

7:00 PM Traditional Folkloric Dance by "CBTA"

7:30 PM "When Mascota sings" Spectacular

8:00 PM "Los Polvitos de Jalisco" Mariachi Band

8:30 PM Inauguration of "Casa Mascota" (Downtown, at the Corner of Juarez and Aldama)

For more information:

Adriana Rodríguez

Phone: 2224731 / 2222525