“Exciting” is the name of the January edition of the Official Magazine of Puerto Vallarta

“Exciting” is the name of the January edition of the Official Magazine of Puerto Vallarta

Karina Macias
January 19 2015

This month we will find out why our city is an ideal place to start out the year. The online edition is available now at http://magazine.visitpuertovallarta.com/

2015 has begun and beginnings are stimulating by their very nature of uncertainty. It is at just that moment where it can all happen. Puerto Vallarta is the place where periods of time inevitably end and begin with  exciting energy.

In this edition, led by the hand of Professor Juan Manuel Gómez Encarnación, you will discover how crucial the decade from 1960 to 1970 was for the development of Puerto Vallarta , in its transition from being an agricultural town to becoming a tourist city.

Doctor Dachary tells us how Puerto Vallarta became known through the enigmatic world of film

Marcelo Alcaraz recommends that in our New Year resolutions we always keep in mind the kindness of our city, specially for all those who in one way or another make their living thanks to tourism.

In 2015, the Oficina de Proyectos Culturales opens with the exhibit “Bienvenidos Los Presidentes” by artist Deborah Aschheim ; a most interesting investigation with unsurpassable pictorial work, which shows a not to be missed fragment of the history of Puerto Vallarta.

Alondra Maldonado provides a sensual description of our port’s international gastronomy which will captivate you from the first paragraph. “Don” Héctor Pérez follows with the historical article about the cuisine of Jalisco and its relationship with tourism.

On the topic of Medical Tourism, Dr. Jorge Villanueva talks to us about the challenges and scope of activity for 2015 , making our readers aware of the economic and tourist impact that this important segment has.

Miguel Andrés Hernández describes a series of assertions about how to get tourists to fall in love with the destination and have them become return visitors; that is to say that “Engagement” is generated, as is so popularly mentioned in tourism conferences.

Adriana García highlights how cultural and artistic events are decisive in forming memorable impressions about Puerto Vallarta and provides a rich schedule of events which start out the year. 

Francisco de Santiago gifts us with health and well being in his description of the most relaxing corporal therapies which can exist: massages, a not to be missed experience if you are in Vallarta .

Carlos Guzmán takes us on a step by step walk along our city’s 4 kilometer long (2.5 miles) Boardwalk, and all that we find on this beautiful stroll .

Edgar Treviño describes how the Los Muertos beach has become the friendliest meeting point of the LGBT community. Tim Wilson emphasizes gastronomy and how it has become a determining factor for the LGBT crowd in choosing Puerto Vallarta as one of their favorite travel places.

Jaime Torres and Isabel Cárdenas talk to us about the importance of estuaries in our region and how this ecosystem protects us from climate change.

Sara Cardona in her community section, describes the altruistic work which the Ecological and Whale Conservation Charitable Association “ECOBAC” carries out . They are dedicated to the protection, research and care of these magnificent creatures that visit our Bay during this season.

In summary, it is a literary journey that will be exciting for everyone. Happy 2015!

Photo credit: The Westin Resort & Spa, Puerto Vallarta.