Get Acquainted with Puerto Vallarta’s New Travel Guide

Get Acquainted with Puerto Vallarta’s New Travel Guide

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
December 3 2014

Puerto Vallarta’s Board of Tourism and Travel by Mexico have created an alliance to present a new Puerto Vallarta Travel Guide. This guide is presented in an electronic magazine format and is available for free download on mobile devices.

Your download takes only a few seconds, and you can navigate it easily and quickly, turning it into a useful tool for anyone who wants to know more about Puerto Vallarta.

In this new Puerto Vallarta Travel Guide you will find:

A Directory of Service Providers
The most complete directory of local tourist service providers: hotels, restaurants, entertainment, spas, tours, etc.

Articles, reports and information of interest to new visitors, experienced travelers, for the curious and adventurous. It contains information for everyone!

Tourist Attractions
Where to go? Why? Each site has stories and legends that make Puerto Vallarta an immensely rich destination. Get to know the city’s attractions and live its culture.

Tips for Tourists
Tips and recommendations made by people who are familiar with the different parts of the city.

Distances, useful information and other curiosities are the ideal complement to be well informed. Learn more and have fun doing it!

Photos and Videos
That's one of the qualities of this new guide: pictures in slide shows and videos that provide for interactive reading.

General Content
History and culture come alive through simple and enjoyable texts, easy to read and full of useful information that arouses curiosity and enriches the reader. Always something new to learn!

Download the new Puerto Vallarta Travel Guide.