Mexican Flag day

Mexican Flag day

February 24 2011

The Mexican Flag is one of the three national symbols and it’s probably the most recognized worldwide.

On February 24th, it’s celebrated in Mexico the Flag Day. Although it’s not considered a holiday, a ceremony headed by an authority is usually made in every municipality and Puerto Vallarta is not the exception.

The Mexican Flag has three vertical sections, the green which symbolizes hope, white which symbolizes unity and red which symbolizes the blood of the national heroes. It’s important to mention that the Coat of Arms is included in the flag, in the middle of the white stripe.

In Puerto Vallarta the flag was saluted in the Agustin Flores Contreras Stadium where the mayor, Ramon Guerrero Martinez, mentioned the honor that being a Mexican is. This event, which is realized every year, was witnessed by citizens, including kids and teens and civilian, military and naval authorities.

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