Puerto Vallarta launches the destination ́s official App

Puerto Vallarta launches the destination ́s official App

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
August 4 2014

The use of technology is revolutionizing the way we travel, now tourists are increasingly relying on technological and social networks not only to choose their next ventures, but also keep connected while abroad. The Puerto Vallarta Board of Tourism is responding to such necessity and launching the official Puerto Vallarta mobile App.

Technology now plays a prominent role in all stages of the journey, from seeing an image on social media to "dreaming" of the trip, though planning and booking a vacation, tourists may do it all right from the official Puerto Vallarta website .

The mobile application completes the traveler ́s destination experience, having access to graphic directories encompassing hotels, restaurants, tours and activities along with useful data such as phone numbers to access taxis, airport and boarding information amongst others.

Without a doubt, this application is a tool that will connect visitors with the city immediately, optimizing their stay and improving the way they move around the city, both to better understand the Pacific destination and acquire products and services that Puerto Vallarta has to offer in a timely manner.

Stay tuned to Puerto Vallarta ́s social networks and media in order to play a part in the virtual App launch party. Users may have the option of downloading the Puerto Vallarta App for iOS and Android platforms. 

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