The second edition of Puerto Vallarta’s Official Magazine is ready and online

The second edition of Puerto Vallarta’s Official Magazine is ready and online

Karina Macias
December 13 2014

The city is dressed in color with the most important religious event: The pilgrimages to the Virgin of Guadalupe, a tradition full of faith that can only be enjoyed in this paradise.

As part of Puerto Vallarta’s Board of Tourism’s strategies to exalt the name of our city, the second issue of Puerto Vallarta’s Official Magazine is published in it digital version. And it’s that traditions do not only define a place, they also define its people and are an inseparable part of the culture of a place. Thus, meetings, food, dress, music, language and everything that despite the passing years remains alive, are part of the folklore of Puerto Vallarta.

In this issue you will become familiar with some of the traditions that characterize Puerto Vallarta. From a stroll along the beach at dawn while fishermen cast their nets with an eye to the horizon, to a walk on the Malecon for the simple pleasure of appreciating her wonderful sunsets firsthand. Or the Sunday dancing in the city square, while the bells that ring for mass decorate the city with sound.

In this issue you'll find stories full of tradition and understand why Puerto Vallarta is a traditional village which stands out from other tourist destinations in Mexico. The most important historical events of the city with the chronicle by Juan Manuel Gómez Incarnation, such as the story of "The Seahorse” , a Vallartan icon that has witnessed the development of the port for nearly half a century, as well as the history of the founding of the city. Thanks to biologist Jaime Torres, you will discover why the most imposing marine mammal, the humpback whale , chooses our bay as a place to reproduce.

Marcelo Alcaraz showcases the most important traditional festivals for Vallartans , the traditional pilgrimages to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Likewise, Francisco de Santiago elaborates on the sum of values that such a symbolic event represents for families .

Dr. César Dachary will lead us by the hand through the magical towns surrounding Puerto Vallarta . Miguel Andrés Hernández, meeting tourism specialist, will share the secret for that sector to be strengthened through important factors in service: Experience and Engagement . Tim Wilson shares the color that characterizes the folklore of the gay sector . Dr. Jorge Villanueva outlines the values that make the visitor choose Puerto Vallarta as a favorite destination for medical tourism . Adriana Garcia narrates the story of those urban characters who give meaning to the day-to-day, and Sara Cardona highlights the generosity of foreigners who arrive in Puerto Vallarta during this season by supporting altruistic initiatives. Héctor Pérez shares about the cuisine of Jalisco , and Nacho Cadena discloses the foods that are unavoidable during the pilgrimages .

This month comes with a craving for buñuelos  and atole, while watching faces full of devotion on a journey of faith--but also faces illuminated with the hope of ushering in another year. How about doing so up close, while the sky is illuminated with the characteristic fireworks that light up the Vallartan sky in a time of magic and splendor. This season come to Puerto Vallarta; you just have to experience it.

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